Entertainment promotions have taken their toll with the short window that pop culture has for movies. More opportunities lie in TV series and less of an inverstment needed to activate.

One piece that isn't being explored is the ability to promote 6 months prior to release and finding a film that has legs into home entertainment. The one and done investment for tent poles doesn't appear to be a wise investment for CPG companies to put their marketing funds into.

One thing we pride ourselves in is finding the IP that has the most breadth of life and then customizing the property for retail execution. We build programs that connect with shoppers at all touch points and build partnerships at retail with non competing brands.

The consortium of MSMG to include CPG Group , Haaseline Entertainment & INX has allowed a passionate approach to brick & click marketing that answers a brands "share of mind" needs.

We create the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) experience seemlessly in brick and click marketing.

Call us on how we can grow your total sales at retail or brands while growing all categories in your marketplace. We sell total growth programs!!! Fully integrated programs for click and brick & mortar!!

Valiant Entertainment has allowed us the ability to connect with shoppers "now" with over 2000 characters, 5 movies with Sony, and an active grassroots mini-con program that touches shoppers and retail in a new personal way.

Some quick pics for 2017 in the Entertainment Calendar from our trip!!

Tentpoles: Wonder Woman, Justice League, Skull Island, Beauty & the Beast, Pirates of the Caribbean, Monster Trucks, MI6, Fast & Furious 8 , The Mummy, Grinch that stole Christmas, Bad Boys 3, Smurfs, Spiderman, and Jumanji 2..more to come!

We have numeous exclusive ties to many smaller fiscally responsible properties with much more flexibility. Please reach out to explore!


Have just made an alliance & partnership with CPG Company. Well over 100 years experience in Retail , Sales, & Marketing.

We bring Program, Products, & Promotions catered to our customers needs; whether that customer is part of the manufacturing, retail, media, or entertainment industry!

No idea or suggestion is not worth investigating the opportunity.

Our ultimate goal is to develop a fully integrated program from click to brick & mortar to position brands to be category leaders within total store sales.


At CPG Placement Company, We offer top notch service with proven success in the field. In addition, our team is comprised of individuals of varied backgrounds, specialties and skills. These characteristics make us unique in many ways, allowing us to offer a wide range of support, feedback and services.

Who We Are

Planning: We can offer input and feedback in creating strategic sales and marketing plans.

Communication: We strive for open communication and always follow up in a timely manner. Communication is the cornerstone of any relationship, and we strive to keep the channel open.

Creativity: We can provide input, feedback and assistance in creating marketing materials.

Resourcefulness: We are always brainstorming ideas for new channels of distribution or placement for our brands.
Information: Our team is continually learning about new trends and market changes.

More to come as we build the dreams!!!!!

Haaseline Entertainment is entering its 10th year of retail promotional marketing. Our goal is simple, to grow "total store sales" while connecting your consumer with the exciting "Land of Entertainment".

The fact is most companies just want to grow their brands and reach their individual targets. True leaders in our industry must create programs that can grow total consumption, (Share of Revenue) while tending to the individual needs of their companies brands share.

Its time to grow total consumption and share of mind. Haaseline Entertainment has and will clearly be dedicated to making you and your brands "Healthy Growth Monarchs"!!!





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